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We here in Jacksonville, Fl have an extensive Rails to Trails system. The 
horse community here has fought long and hard to keep the horses involved in 
the program.  However, anyone who has worked with any trail organization 
knows how hard that is.  What we have right now is a beautiful walking/bike 
trail that doesn't allow horses.  A horse trail is being planned (it should 
have been done in conjunction with....), however, it's off to the side, and 
if anyone know's florida, it's in the mud.  I know that we are working very 
hard to get a good horse trail in that system, but it's hard.  At one point 
in time, we were told that the money was for bike trails NOT horse trails.  
One member of the committee (a competition long distance biker) told a friend 
of mine that horses weren't allowed on the trail because it's hooves would 
damage the asphalt!!!!!  (The horse was barefoot at the time)  

I have no problems sharing trails with anyone and everyone...if my horse 
can't handle seeing bikers, backpackers, kids, etc on the trail, then he 
doesn't need to be out there.  I go out of my way to be courteous and polite 
while out riding.  However, I feel that the people sharing the trails with 
horses need to have the same attitude.  I do not go galloping by a person on 
a bike, and I conversly don't appreciate it when bikes go blasting by me at 
full force.  That's asking to get someone hurt.

Anyway, I think I'm preaching to the choir here, so I'll shut up and go clean 

Juli and Alpine the Wonder Pony (as in...I wonder when I'll get to ride you 

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