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New Born Foals

That's exactly what I do- as soon as the mare is ok, and the foal is ok,
the mare gets dewormed. 
We don't vaccinate our normal foals until the age of 4 months or so. 
And if you combine the Ivermectin worming in the mare with a continuous
Strongid C2x you can actually get away with not deworming the foal for
much longer than a month. When I tried this experiment, I didn't have to
deworm my foals until about December, at age 6 months. 
This would of course depend on what kind of program you have at your
farm. This works well for me.
Gwen Dluehosh DVM
On Thu, 24 Feb 2000 11:31:06 EST writes:
 The easiest thing to do is to carry it in the 
> foaling kit 
> and give it as a part of your post-foaling routine--right after 
> you've made 
> sure baby and mare are both ok, treated the umbilical stump, etc.
> Heidi
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