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Ads down - Gelding for sale

Can't post to the class ads so....
we have a BEAUTIFUL 15.1 PLUS hand PB 1983 bay gelding for sale or lease. He 
is heavy Azraff, with superb, clean legs, a 2' overtrack at the trot, he 
jumps clean at 3', has soem dressage(competed with previous owner), and has a 
super power trail trot! He has a big, rolling canter, and a very gentle 
nature. He goes out alone really well, is great through water, and the kids 
ride him! I don't really 'do' geldings, but he is very nice - so I would be 
willing to lease him for a season or even sell him to a really good home. He 
is certainly a good LD and even a 50 mile prospect. If we don't sell him or 
lease him, I will probably end up riding him myself - he doesn't hit hard 
like my mare! We have him offered at $2500 with his bridles, blankets, 
halters, etc. Photos will be available online by tomorrow I think. Southern 
Cal area. We reserve the right to change our mind son selling him since we 
are rapidly fallng for this Clark Gable of Arabians - looks like Bey Shah!


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