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Well...anyone with small feet out there want a set of Ariat Cascades and 
matching Ariat half Chaps? They have each been worn twice and only out of the 
house once! I like my 1/2 chaps that Annie made! Well, teh boots were $145 
new about a month ago, and the 1/2 chaps were $100 a month ago,  both in 
black. The boots are a size 5.5 and the 1/2 chaps a small. Anyone want them 
for $100 for the boots or $190 for the set? Like new, perfect for a kid - yes 
I know - I measure a 4 in a D so nothing really fits well. And yes I am over 
9 years old! 
I have a photo of them in jpeg.

    Check it Out!    

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