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Need help from someone more experienced then me!

Hi Ridecampers,
I have a friend who is studying am Equine
Exercise Physiology class and as part of
the requirement for the class, he is
supposed to interview a trainer about how
they train etc. in regard to the
discipline they ride/do. Since he is
interested in learning more about
endurance and planning on doing it one
day. He choose the subject of endurance as
his subject. He asked me for an interview
but since I have only got as far as LD and
hope on having a horse that can do 50's by
next year, I do not feel qualified, at
this time, to answer his questions on

I was hoping that some of your more
experienced riders could help this guy out
with his interview. I will be sure and let
him know where the info. came from. Your
answers can be sent back to me, but I
think these are very good questions and
maybe some others on the list could
benefit from the answers, so I don't think
it would hurt to post the answers to the

Here are the first set of questions,
(there will be more later):

> 1. What is the primary use of your horses (for competition, etc.)?
> 2. What are the processes you use to train your horse?
> 3. pre-exercise or warm-up is used prior to more strenuous work?
> 4. How long do you work with a horse before asking for strenuous work?
> 5. What changes do you do before/after competition?
> a. What about feed changes just prior or after?
> 6. Is there any special farrier that you do specific to your
> performance/competition?
> a. What is your weekly conditioning regime?
> b. How do you know when to change the regime?
> 7. How young/what age do you 'start' your horses?
> 8. When you are exercising/training your horses, how do you monitor the
> horse's physical response/vital signs and know when the horse has had
> enough?
> 9. How do you know when the horse is becoming physically exhausted?
> 10. What do you do to prevent over exertion?
> Addam Albright

 Lynette (We are having weather up in the
50's (Farh.). Not bad for ND in Feb.

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