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Re: RC: New Born Foals

In a message dated 2/24/00 5:17:51 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< Just read an article in one of our magazines that says that it is not 
necessary to give a new  born foal a tetantus shot if the dam has had her 
shots 30 days prior to foaling. Anyone out there got an opinion about the 
validity of this statement. Thanks >>

Provided the foal gets good colostrum in a timely manner, this is true.  
Although the foal can absorb antibodies for about 24 hours, the absorption 
pattern is more or less logarithmic, so in reality, the foal has lost about 
75% of its absorptive ability within the first 4 hours--and that seems to be 
a rather crucial level.  If in doubt as to whether or not the foal has gotten 
enough colostrum, have your vet run an IgG test.


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