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spooking arabs theory

I have to somewhat agree with Renee here. Yes they don't want to get beat up 
there are a few things you have to know.
1) there are Arab eating rocks only. These rocks will only eat Arabs.
  a)there are different breeds of arab eating rocks. The most common are the 
grey arab eating rocks. Some may disagree here but it is only because there 
is a certain skin pigment that grey arabs are not bothered by these grey 
arab eating rocks. Also be careful and use some caution there are some rocks 
that are mulitibreed they will eat different kinds of arabs.
2) The Arab and Arab rider eating trees. Same as rocks but in the process of 
the Arab bolting the tree takes the rider as source of food. Generally this 
happens because the rider was clueless as to what was going on and ended up 
being the victim. But the good point trees don't care for Humans. Humans 
will be spit out or left as a crumb on the cheek. At this point human must 
find way home on their own.
3)The Arab eating bicycle. Nuff said.
4) The Arab eating saddle pad, saddle, bridle, halter, trailer, mud 
puddle,haybale, grass, food bucket.. no wait empty food bucket. If I left 
anything out just pop it in here.
5) And the classic... The Arab eating human. Yes you will contend with them 
while they go down the trail. Some by them selves, or with other Arab eating 
humans. The Arab eating Human may be accompanied by a dog of some size. See 
this should be a warning to rider. The Arab sees the dog as no threat, It is 
bait for the Arab eating human. The arab will be focused on the dog until 
the attack. Then it is too late. But the rider can talk to the oncoming Arab 
eating human and Thwart the intetions. However the arab may see the dog and 
still act out because it will expect to see the arab eating human.
A) the Arab eating human toting back pack. Rare but not uncommon. yes you 
are required to help the poor guy on their feet again the poor turtles.
6) Arab eating human toting fishing pole. Looks like a whip nuff said.
7) Arab eating human on machinery.
8) Arab eating human toting smaller arab eating human
9) Arab eating human toting afraid be very afraid.
  A) can be nice and respectful. no worry
  B)may comment on shore is nice looking deer you got there. at that point 
bolt with arab and be sure to go back and forth on the trial to prevent good 
aim. These gun toting arab eating humans may be found as far north as 
Vermont and as far south as florida. east to Virginia and west to parts of 
10) Arab eating buildings.
11) Arab eating small creatures such as cat, dog,mouse, and fly.careful of 
darting rabbit too those are most dangerous
  A) also larger creatures as well bear, dear, cow, llama, elephant and 
octopus.. YOU NEVER KNOW!
12) last but not least Arab eating Arabs. after reading the above. Anything 
can happen.
Carla (gee wouldnt think i have this down to a science do yah?)
Haley (I am still having nitehumans over the deer.)
Rob (still learning about arab eating stuff.)

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