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hi all

Hello everyone.  I haven't posted anything in a few days.  You all probably 
thought I was dead since I normally post at least 400,000 questions each day. 
 But no, I'm still here, I have just been busy helping my farrier friend.  
When I don't have school, I ride around with him and work as his assistant.  
I have learned lots about farriery (if that's the way you say it....guess I 
haven't learned THAT much if I don't even know what it's called.)  I never 
knew there were so many kinds/sizes of shoes!  
anyhoo, I have a question.  It's a stupid one but hey, its a question.
does anyone ride in a western saddle?  I mean WITH a horn!  I don't mean 
those 400 pound old western saddles, I am just wondering if anyone rides in 
one and doesn't mind the horn punching you in the gut everytime you go up a 
hill.  I like western saddles but I hate how the reins get caught on the horn 
sometimes. Let me know.  thank you everyone.  I hope you have been getting to 
ride, it has been raining quite a bit here in WAY northern Ca.  I rode 
Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday(same horse on Fri/Sat/Mon, different one 
on Sun.) so I can't complain but I wish I could have ridden today!  oh well, 
like I said...can't complain.  Anyone planning on doing any rides anytime 
soon?  I am...I'm planning on getting to go for a simple training ride once 
this weather clears up....okay, okay, so that's not what I meant...does 
anyone have any endurance rides or competetive trail rides planned?
I watched an old ESPN special on Tevis from 1989 (actually, the year my old 
horse did it).  It made me want to go camping and do a ride so bad!!! I can't 
wait until this summer!  
okay, send smarts this-a-way!

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