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goofy question..

okay Carla You have been at the computer wayyyy to much today.
When I was younger We used to train horses by riding in a plowed field. I 
also was instructed to ride in plowed fields to help my TWH mare to pick her 
feet up.
I am curious if anyone has any input as seeing this as more of a stress 
training or exercise tool. Okay to back this up I will use scenarios.
first kind of a sink and don't panic kind of mental training.
second ever walk through a muddy place and have all that weight attached to 
your shoes? makes you have nice thighs if you do it for 30 min a day 3x per 
third I have to wonder how racehorses (OH TI!!!) react when dealing with 
again a goofy question but have to wonder if it can be used as a training 
tool other than for younger horses to keep from throwing you off.
maybe all this soft gooey mud looking in the field is beckoning to me to 
ride on my day off even tho it is raining on my day off. never mind the 
other 6 days when it is 70 and sunny.
I did get in 45 min today... but that mud was beckoning me 
Howards northern naked chick.
Okay reply away my computer is getting cold. again before you respond with 
flames and pyscho banter remember it is only a goofy thought.
Carla (no ride time deadens the mind.)
Ansata (hey mom why only one round what happend to 3?)
Haley (hee hee I gave mom and pop a hard time today!)
Rob (@%$^#&@*&$^$^% Horse!!!  @#*^@#*^ Haley!)
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