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 “ Trail riding on horseback is an American cultural heritage acted out
in the setting of a natural heritage.  Conservation of the natural
heritage setting is a prerequisite  to the preservation of the trail
riding tradition”

This quote was made by  Dr. Gene Wood, professor of forest, wildlife,
ecology at Clemson University ,South Carolina, during a networking
session at the Ohio Valley Equestrian Trails symposium at Louisville,
Kentucky  This conversational remark triggered a nerve, reemphasizing to

me  how much  our trails are worth and the need to take time and energy
to preserve these trails
      As a avid distance rider, I want to be out on the trails, not
setting in meetings,
workshops, & sessions  listening to people talk.  BUT trails across the
U S are  being threaten and horses seem to be the first to be
eliminated  . Size of animal, hoof  prints in the soil, manure left,
trail erosion, you name it, --- any number of reasons to eliminate trial

riding.,  Basic  lack of organization between equestrian  groups and
pull together tactics seem to lose  our trails  We are riding while the
green advocacy groups and other anti horse groups are writing,
protesting that horses upset ecology.  This becomes a political  issue
and the trails are closed .  With egg on our face we wonder why, what
happened.?  GET INVOLVE and become aware  of the horse groups are in
your state .  Check in your area what parks, what  trails, what
representatives in your legislature like and dislike  trail riding , and

what is happening.
       You say nothing is wrong.  Look how the trail management has
changed in our life time/ Rules have changed at Palmyra, Wisconsin
horseman camp ground, and with trail closures and trail fees.   Not all
bad changes, but changes.  Jubilee Park, Kickapoo, Illinois  has opened
the horse trails to mountain bikes,  Shawnee National Forest  -- now
that’s a real confusing mess.   Yes, things are changing.  Do you have a

Horse Council in your state,?? Do you have active horse supporters in
your state government,?? Do you even know or care ? Yes you care because

you love to ride .  Even if your an arena rider, you care because the
future depends on  now.  In my life time I have notice once a rule is
made its very hard to rescind.
     I got   regenerated at the  Ohio Valley Equestrian Trails Symposium

in Feb.  when I listened to representatives from the  Backwood Horseman
of America, Virginia Horse Council,  Heartwoods  ( tree huggers)  Rails
to Trails , Blue Ribbon Coalition , Indiana horse Council, and
Economics of Trail Riding,  These speakers were from  states throughout
the US .  Trails are being used by many,  We are loving our parks to
death . We Can and Will Share, but need the chance to prove that horses
can still use the trails .
  There were representatives from California, Alabama, South Carolina,
Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Ohio, New York and Michigan.  An
impressive showing of people who care.  I was pleased  that  about 10
per cent of the attendees where distance riders.
    JoAnne Gernant

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