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Tack Trunk Cleanout Party!!
 Biothane girth for the Sports Saddle from Sportack -- eliminates
rigging that came with the saddle. Buckle-to-buckle length is 34 inches
with each side strap measuring 21 1/2 inches. Used one season, excellent
condition. $30 plus S&I.
 Kiwi Rump Rug -- Western/Endurance attachments. Featured in Sportack
catalog, page 24. A little dusty, but basically new: never unrolled on
horse, never been wet. Unlined green Kiwi cloth. $45 plus S&I.
 Navy Blue Fanny Pack, Running Bear, two water bottle holders, main
central pocket and one smaller side pocket (one was lost with my
favorite Spyderco pocket knife). Oldie but still works. $15 plus S&I.
 Legend English saddle (precursor to the Albion), cross-country model,
18-inch seat, reflocked, new billets, some repairs. $300 plus S&I.
Santa Ana, Calif.

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