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RE: working temperature

Thanks Roger - I'll give Jeannie Waldron a call and see if I
can dig up the old TB articles.  

I agree, the baseline and deviations for each horse are the
bottom line. I haven't gotten a rectal temp yet on Khruschev,
still need to purchase a thermometer - but - the temps I'm
getting with the gadget you sent me are typically 100-103
moderate work, 105-106 competetive pace and up to 108
with a real workout in deep sand, air temp near 80. I did
notice the first time we got up to 108 that his heart rate
wasn't dropping as fast. Would get up to 130-140 with hard
(but sub-max) work, and stay up there longer than I thought it 
should once we slowed down. He wasn't panting, but also
lost his enthusasiam for the work .... so I'm thinking that
might be my red line. I did one workout with his max temp
at 106. Stopped in the shade to check his recoveries - took
5 minutes to drop to 60, and at that point the temp guage
reading was 105 ... So, these numbers are pretty different
from yours (and w/o rectal temps somewhat meaningless) - 
but, I'll keep you posted.

thanks for the comments - I'll also check out your web page.


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From: Roger Rittenhouse []
Sent: Tuesday, February 22, 2000 9:16 PM
Subject: Re: working temperature

et all
temps under saddle
i give a short how to use info on my web site
go to the model index page and then to the v-max tempo

not a ad - oh my -- just info
put this out before - it should be in the archives on ridecamp

use 102.5 as the max
the 'error' under the saddle is about 1.5 deg LESS then the rectal

steph the info i sent is whats on the web page- 
there was many article sin TB a few years back written by a person -
un-named - but info came from dr jeannie waldron

have to base line your horse - based on the saddle pad- but that is not
so critical- the temp unit needs to be calibrated - so ride a few rides
with std rectal temp and get the working temp up to 101 or higher then
get off and take the rectal temp and note the difference.. it is
relative but who cares about the actual temp - you need to note standard
values for your horse-- just as the working hr..
the cheapie radio-shack model is a few degrees off -- but the reaction
time is about 1 minute or less - sensitivity to changes and that is all
i look for.
 the tb articles were great and very good..
only error was the statement that temp was more important then hr.. dont
agree with that comment.

i only use the tool on very hot summer rides and when the weather
changes as in the biltmore ..
temp will go up faster then you think..
before the hr will indicate a problem..

anyway it is all good information

i had one of mine up to 104 under the saddle on a condx ride.. rectal
was 105+   real scary  found shade and water very fast.. hr did hang for
about 30 minutes that day..
at a hot ride i cut down speed at 103 max--
i have a talking digital rectal temp gauge  about $10 at wal-mart  real
nice and easy to use

also helps to tell you NOT to put on water as in temp is 99  - dont use
any water..could make hr go up

hope that helps..

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