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re:ride managers riding

In response to Barbara's sense of responsibility - I can't imagine being
able to
ride the ride I manage.  Even though there are several others in our
club who
could handle the day's events, it would be very difficult for me to take
off and
have a wonderful time riding, knowing that they were all working.  It is
so hard
finding all the volunteers to make a ride run smoothly - we all have
many jobs to
handle before, during and after the ride.
I also feel this is my way of repaying the sport - I ride lots of other
rides and
have a blast - I can stay on the ground and work our ride.
As for making money - well-l-l - sometimes we're lucky and make some
nice money
for the club.  Sometimes we aren't so lucky - like when we rained out
and lost
about $2500 for park and camp fees, printing and mailing, etc., etc.  So
- don't
ever make the mistake of thinking people put these rides on just for the
In our case we feel like we need to be a presence in the parks and
working closely with them.  We wouldn't want them to get the idea that
horsemen are giving up the trails!!!
This is why we have taken over the Las Trampas Ride.  When Liz Leahy
moved and
was discontinuing the ride, we didn't want the parks to think the
interest was
So watch for the ride formerly known as Las Trampas - now called the
South International East Bay 25/50" - what a mouthful, huh?!


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