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Re: RC: Horse Transport(reliable)?

I used Mt. Valley Horse Transportation (Travis Richardson,
307/868-2442) to transport my horse from Las Vegas to
Minneapolis.  At that time 1997 - he charged me $700.  I got
regular phone updates along the way and a real plus, he was
an Arab guy.  He understood when I told him certain things
scared the horse.  I was using horse cookies as a bribe to
load at the time, he gave my boy a cookie or 2 everytime he
loaded or unloaded him.  And I never did figure it out, but
when Phoenix left Las Vegas, he was not happy being
blanketed when he arrived in MN, 2 1/2 days later, he had no
problem being blanketed.  I don't know what Travis did, but
whatever it was it worked.  The horse came off that trailer
in great shape.  Interested in his new surroundings, but not
scared of anything.  Should I ever need to transport again,
I would not hesitate.  Also, you should you know, that my
tack shop out in Las Vegas highly recommended the first
horse transport you spoke about, Horsing Around.  They had
used them several times to haul babies from TX to Las Vegas
and vice versa..where very happy with them.  I found Travis
to be less expensive, since I was the only horse he he was
Good luck in your new venture and I'm glad you get to take
your horse with you.

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