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Re: RC: Re: CRI

In a message dated 2/20/00 10:41:40 AM Pacific Standard Time, DVeritas writes:

<<  That Not being the case, it is incumbent upon the rider to ensure that if 
they cannot be an "asset" to the horse's attempt, then they should endeavor 
to minimize being a "liability" if at all possible.
     The discourse before us lends me to believe that there are those trying 
to do just that.  The "tools" available to you seem many and your "desire" to 
share them with us (speaking for myself, of course) is appreciated.
     Information is important...but what we do with it seems even more 

Can't agree more. So far, I'm far more impressed with the riders I've 
encountered on Ridecamp than I am with the "professionals" who want to govern 
the actions of the riders. It's a sport, and "stuff happens" in a sport, but 
when the stuff  happens, it is the rider who has the vested interest in the 
animal, not the vet. In this day of the government "protecting us from 
ourselves", I am always suspicious of the underlying motives of the 
self-appointed morality police--particularly those risking nothing in the 


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