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Re: RC: ride managers

In a message dated 02/19/2000 4:13:31 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< We can't all live in California! (or have a family as wonderful, involved, 
and supportive as yours--are any of them up for adoption?) >>

I don't think California is a magic word.  We are lucky, I think, to have 
more good riding weather than some states (and worse environmental 
restrictions).  As for the family, uhhhh...I don't think I really want to 
part with any of them!

I think most ride managers are riders.  They just ride someone else's ride.  
I may be wrong, but I think most ride managers do so because they appreciate 
OTHERS putting on rides and want to reciprocate.  Some ride managers put on 
rides to make money, but in my experience that's like breeding your own 
horses because you think you're going to save money over buying one ready to 
go.  "It ain't necessarily so!"  Most of us clear expenses and are lucky to 
have a little left over to put into next year's ride.


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