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Re: Re: ride managers

Heidi, I sure don't begrudge Paul his points and miles for riding the
distance.  You have a very good situation worked out.  I'd like to know that
you are not an exception., but I'm not sure if that is the case.

Becky Huffman
Huffman's Arabians ~ The Original Series ~

----- Original Message -----
>  *whole* thing.  In my mind, that includes giving up that day's
>  points/mileage.  also, (to a point) keeps 'conflict of interest' from
>  rearing it's ugly head, in case of certian problems. >>

> From: <
> This is a valid point, Becky, but on our rides, Paul is the AERC manager,
> I am in camp vetting, so one of us is still "on the ground" to assist the
> manager.  The last couple of years he has been the drag rider on our
> and hence has finished last--not much conflict of interest, and it would
be a
> shame for him not to get 50 career miles out of it, since he met all the
> requirements, passed all the vet checks, etc.  If someone needed help, he
> would sacrifice his completion to do so.  No matter what the system, it
> be abused.  Each ride has unique circumstances, and while I generally
> like the concept of managers riding, I've also seen it worked out to the
> advantage of all.  I feel much better with Paul out taking care of late
> riders, especially when we've had really bad weather (6" of snow on ride
> one year

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