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Re: RC: Tieing up

In a message dated 2/19/00 11:49:19 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< <<  Sorry, but I haven't denied a thing, nor have I taken a moralistic 
 stance.  Truth has its own morality.
   Heidi >>
  She literally effervesces wth truth!  Heidi, read your last two sentences. 
 It's illogical to deny taking a moral stance and then to take one. Didn't 
 take Logic 101 20 years ago?  >>
 Did you take English 20 years ago?  The first sentence is in the past tense. 
 The second IS a moralistic statement--but is said in the present tense and 
 follows the sentence which states I have not done so in the past.  Perhaps 
 you should review your Logic 101 notes.

This particular dance was once called the Twist. 


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