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Re: corral surfacing?

My land is 5' of heavy clay on top of 100' of sand.  Needless to say the
corral was horrible mud when the snow melted.  I put in 8" of class 5 lime
rock.  (crushed limestone, maximum size about  0.5" with the fines left in.)
I had intended to add some sand to the top to change what is essentially a
gravel road to sand, but didn't have the money at the time.  As I feed on
the ground during the winter the sand would create its own problems.

To make a long story ;short, that was 5 years ago and I still don't have the
sand.  The horses are out in the pasture most of the time and I have not had
any problems with the harder ground in the corral.  At least here the frozen
ground is not very soft in the winter, and the clay in the rest of the
pasture gets hard as the class 5 during August.

It sure is nice not to have 2' of mud for 6 weeks in the spring!

Ed and Wendy Hauser
1140 37th St.
Hudson, WI 54016

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