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Manzanita & Warner Springs Awards

I finally got the embroidery back on the awards from the Manzanita and
Warner Springs Rides (some of the blankets are still on back order).  I
have all the crew bags and jackets which were awarded to the top tens,
division winners and 25 mile best condition winners.

I am going to bring all these awards up to the 20 Mule Team ride this
weekend.  If you have a crew bag or jacket due you, would you please
stop by my motorhome so I can give it to you and then I won't have to
mail it.  I plan to be there by 1:00 p.m. and I'll let Jackie know where
I am parked so she can send you my way.  (If you pick it up Friday, you
can use it for the ride on Saturday!).

Terry Woolley Howe

P.S.  Please do not bring any rain with you.

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