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horse gathering

>                          Making the Connections
>                            THE HORSE GATHERING
> Estes Park, CO - August 21 - 25, 2000 - THE HORSE GATHERING
> How many times have horsemanship students wished they could learn more
> about  horses in a way that puts the "whole horse" together?   Rather
> than focus just on anatomy or training issues or rider balance or any
> other single aspect of horsemanship, wouldn't it be wonderful to be in a
> place where ALL the pieces fit together to create the big picture -- the
> WHOLE picture?
> A distinguished group of clinicians, dedicated to just this type of
> educational experience, have committed themselves to providing a unique
> study program.   Students who would like to be exposed to a "head to
> hoof" approach to horsemanship from respected and well-known experts in
> their fields ... will want to attend THE HORSE GATHERING.
> "The Horse Gathering" is an intensive week-long conference being held
> August 21st to 25th, 2000, in Estes Park, Colorado.
> The format is designed so that students are exposed to all the topics
> with ample opportunities to interact with the clinicians for questions
> and discussions.  No need to rush from one lecture to another for fear
> of missing any presentation.  The goals of this program are bold:  a
> comprehensive and interactive approach designed to maximize learning!
> The first two days will introduce all students to the wide variety of
> topics that will touch upon the fundamental issues involved in a
> comprehensive approach to horsemanship.  The following three days are
> set up so that students will break into smaller groups for more detailed
> information about each topic.  There will also be optional topics on
> adult learning and instructor techniques, legal issues, computers, and
> marketing.  Two evenings will include a "round-table" discussion with
> all the clinicians participating.  And lastly, there will be a
> conference dinner held that will offer some FUN and even more one-on-one
> interaction with the clinicians.
> Whether a professional who currently works in the equine industry or a
> student of any level of horsemanship, those who hunger for a way to put
> the pieces together for a total "head to hoof" understanding will want
> to check out the impressive list of educators involved in this project.
>                           PRESENTERS INCLUDE:
>                    Jeff Abbas  (computers & internet)
>        Deb Bennett, PhD   (anatomy, biomechanics, riding theory)
>                        Linda Bertani  (marketing)
>            Dr. Susan Crawford  (massage therapy/chiropractic)
>                   David Genadek  (master saddlemaker)
>                       Stuart Greenberg  (farriery)
>                      Jessica Jahiel, PhD  (riding)
>                         Mark Rashid   (trainer)
>                 Chris Ryan, Esq.  (equine legal issues)
>            Dr. Dave Siemens  (human and equine chiropractor)
>           Vic Thomas  (adult learning & instructor techniques)
>                         Harry Whitney  (trainer)
>                     Todd Williams  (equine dentistry)
> The cost for this extraordinary event is only $250 for early
> registration.  There are ample accommodations at hotels, cabins, and
> campgrounds - all in the beautiful setting of the Rocky Mountains.    A
> Bulletin Board has been set up for students to find roommates or travel
> companions.  Details are on the website.
>       The website is:
> Additional information (bios, photos, etc.) may also be obtained through
> one of the following contacts:
>    *  Linda Bertani, Business Manager, 423-235-0559 (TN)
>    * Mark Rashid Horse Training, Post Office Box 3241, Estes Park, CO
> 80517       970-586-8677
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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