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Re: RC: Michigan-don't knock it til ya try it

I'm not too sure what the answer to that one is....I must say that you were 
terribly vague with your other question...and many people responded to me, 
saying that the answer could be more than one thing.  To your other question, 
I would also have to say that I am not sure what the answer is.  I will have 
to ask my friend...he is a farrier and I know that because of his years of 
experience, I can trust what he has to say.  
    Here is a little test for is not endurance related...but I hear 
that you don't even do distance riding so it's right up your alley.  
Three men check into a hotel.  It costs $30 a day so they each pay 10 
dollars.  The owner of the hotel comes back later and tells the check in boy 
that he charged the men too much and that the room was only $25.  Being 
sneeky, the boy decides he will give each of the men $1 back and keep the 
extra $2 for himself.  This means that each man has paid $9 ($10 minus the $1 
they each got back).  If they each paid $9...then all together, they paid 
$27.  And the boy kept $2 for himself.  $27 +$2 is $29.....what happened to 
the other dollar?
-I learned how to do this one in third grade....
...go for it.  I'm sure you will have no trouble...but if you do, maybe your 
family in Michigan could help you out.  I hear they are pretty smart out 

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