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Re: Michigan-don't knock it til ya try it

In a message dated 2/17/00 6:07:09 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< I'll probably regret saying this but....Forrest Gump is my hero.  If we
 could all learn a little from his simplistic views of life, what a better
 world it would be!!   And so I submit, in the interests of keeping this
 comment endurance related..."Ridecamp is like a box of chocolates...ya
 never know what you're gonna get."  And ain't that the truth?  <VBG>
 Maggie Mieske >>

Ah, this will be a perfect test. All that agree with the above post, please 
signify by saluting "Aye!" at the first opportunity. This will give us a kind 
of high tide, low tide indicator for furture discussions. Heidi, would you 
care to be the first to agree with the above?


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