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Re: RC: Re: why are those anal tone checks still being done?

In a message dated 2/17/00 4:09:46 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<<  Can a vet out there explain in professional
 terms(sorry about the vernacular with the vulva,
 guys)why anal tone is still being checked?  I have
 been to rides where vets don't bother and some where
 vets still do it.   >>

Anal tone is simply one tool among many for assessing the fatigue of a given 
horse.  By itself it doesn't mean a whole lot, but can be one more indicator 
of fatigue if the tone degenerates as the event wears on.  Whether or not to 
include it in the exam is sort of personal preference among vets.  Many 
prefer not to because some horses are cranky about it...


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