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Pumping gas in Oregon

Hi, Campers,

Heidi is right. It's illegal for you to pump your own gas in Oregon. The "pump attendant" does that for you.
Every time I go to Oregon (I live in WA) I have to relearn the above fact. I'll get out of the truck, and sometimes get as far as putting the nozzle in the tank before Pimple Face (as Heidi put it..I think it's the same kid all over the state) comes out with this look on his face. The look says "oh, my god, you cruel nasty Washington State woman, you're trying to steal my job!"
Or else he'll act as if now he has to clean the nozzle handle. Washington Cooties, maybe??
Oh, no, no, you simple people..the service isn't FREE. Oh, no, Oregon has higher fuel prices than we do, and I always gripe about how high Washington gas prices are. (i'ts $1.37 for unleaded regular today.)


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