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Re: Re: non-endurance for Mary in Egypt

We ran a short piece on this when they dug it up. I'll scout around and see
what I can find. Usually they dig something up, identify it and then spend a
year putting the pieces together before they publish anything real. Learned
alot about archaeologists hanging around here.

Maryanne Stroud Gabbani
Cairo, Egypt

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Sent: Thursday, February 17, 2000 8:56 AM
Subject: RC: Re: non-endurance for Mary in Egypt

> If you do get more information on this ancient stable, I would like to
> more about it too.   Thank you in advance.   Gesa Brinks
> >Anna
> >For 20 years, a German-Egyptian team of archaeologists have
> >been
> >excavating a huge site in Egypt and, only recently, they
> >figured out
> >that the site is a stable.  The stable is complete with
> >stone water
> >troughs, stone tethers and sloping troughs to collect urine
> >for
> >fertilizer.
> >Sorry everyone but i remembered that Mary was from Egypt and I didn't
> her e-mail address. So Mary if you get this could you Pleas e- mail me
> privately if you Know where i can find out more informatin about the
> following article. I have done all kinds of searches in the last three
> and havent come up with any more information on this. Thanks
> >The site is said to be the largest and best preserved
> >ancient stable
> >complex in the Middle East.  The stable covers over 18,000
> >square feet
> >and was built on the Nile Delta, 3,000 years ago, by Ramses
> >II to house
> >hundreds of army horses.
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