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step ups

I use anything I can find.   One of the plastic milk carriers works well,
and you can use it to store stuff too.

Fanny Steel,  (world champion lady bronc rider in the 20s )   was still
riding and running a hunting guide outfit well into her 80s.    The last
time I saw her ride she had a child's sturdy wooden chair tied to the saddle
strings behind her saddle.   It had a long cord tied to the back,  used it
to step up on her horse, then pulled it up and tied it on.  Never had to
look for a rock or stump. { : >)))

(The twinkie thing has sure been riot.  Afraid to ask any questions, sure
don't want to stir up Howard and Ti any more,   and it's way to late for
Steph to try herding cats again. ROFL till can't stand it.   The tatoo
thread has fallen apart, also.   Spring MUST come soon!!!!)

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