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non-endurance for Mary in Egypt

For 20 years, a German-Egyptian team of archaeologists have
excavating a huge site in Egypt and, only recently, they
figured out
that the site is a stable.  The stable is complete with
stone water
troughs, stone tethers and sloping troughs to collect urine
Sorry everyone but i remembered that Mary was from Egypt and I didn't save her e-mail address. So Mary if you get this could you Pleas e- mail me privately if you Know where i can find out more informatin about the following article. I have done all kinds of searches in the last three days and havent come up with any more information on this. Thanks 
The site is said to be the largest and best preserved
ancient stable
complex in the Middle East.  The stable covers over 18,000
square feet
and was built on the Nile Delta, 3,000 years ago, by Ramses
II to house
hundreds of army horses.

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