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Re: RC: Michigan-don't knock it til ya try it

In a message dated 2/16/00 8:18:52 PM Pacific Standard Time, Eenergonzillen 

<< You sound like a very rude person.....didn't your parents ever teach you 
to treat others how you want to be treated....usually, it is something that 
you tell little kids...but you are acting like a child so I think you need to 
hear it!
 And how dare you say those things about people who live in Michigan.....good 
thing you don't live there, you might pollute the air!
 -Renee >>

Lord, help me, I love it so.  It's like taking out a puffed up pigeon with a 
12 guage, numbe six shot, from five feet. Ah, well, too easy. I'll use the 

Renee, child, I've spent many weeks polluting the air in Michigan. Starting 
long before you were born. I make that assumption because of your childlike 
tabla rasa approach to discourse. Should you wish to continue this 
conversation in public, let me suggest you fill your brain with something 
other than marshmallows first. This is your chance to take wing and fly away, 
leaving behind only a few tailfeathers. 


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