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Re: Re: twinkies ad nausiem

Maggie, dear Maggie,
You're kidding, right?

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From: Maggie Mieske <>
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Sent: Wednesday, February 16, 2000 5:46 PM
Subject: RC: Re: twinkies ad nausiem

> <And, (with reference to Maggie's post) I would like to know which "real"
> endurance rider didn't want to participate in Ridecamp because of threads
> "like this". >
> FYI, I know plenty of "real" endurance riders ("real" being your emphasis
> not mine though I am not sure why) who are not impressed with
> don't think it is my place to name names but they are Michigan riders and
> it's not just one or even two.  It's several.  They are clients of ours,
> shoe their horses and I guess if they don't want to be a part of ridecamp
> that is their business and far be it for me to name them.  And if you
> the veracity of that, then that's your prerogative. I would never dare
> a "real" endurance rider what to do (where the heck did you get THAT
> impression?).  I never pretended to be the "moderator" of ridecamp...I
> Steph "polices" it from time to time and I am surprised and disappointed
> that she hasn't stepped in on this thread.  I am entitled to my opinion as
> you are to yours.  I happen to think that this thread deteriorated rather
> rapidly and was in poor taste...I kept reading the posts hoping to see
> something from someone about the original post (putting salt on a mare's
> vulva to cause her to pee) that would give us some clue as to whether this
> was something acceptable or not.  I had never heard of anything like it.
> know you guys like a good joke and Howard tells some iffy ride stories
> (still enjoy them though) but there are websites specifically just for
> kind of entertainment.  I don't think this thread was what Steph had in
> mind when she created ridecamp.
> Maggie Mieske
> Mieske's Silver Lining
> 10601 S. Richards Rd.
> McBain, Michigan 49657
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