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almost the end of twinkie chat

?( It seems that we have one upset mom already that had to
explain this to her young daughter. I am sure she didn't need the entire
crew here on RC to tell her daughter ......)
HEY  wait a sec!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I'm the MOM(sandy bolinger) My daughter Whitney Bass explains things like this twinkie business to ME  ...she's well into her twenties....!!!!!!!!I I'm not upset about ANYTHING!!!!!!
When Whitney reads everything that has transpired here she is probably going to be mortified at the original misunderstanding .....I'm the one that didn't get it.....Whitney doesn't even bother to tell me dirty jokes anymore! because she always has to explain them.....thanks for the thought though.  (If I ever don't get one of Howards posts again, I will pretend that I do!!!)
Sandy(Whitney's confused Mom)

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