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Nurses and Tatoos-slightly long, but if we need to think about this!!

I just have to jump in here!!!
1.  If none of you have ever seen what happens during a 'resuscitation' then you really need to watch the ER show or the Trauma series on TLC.
2.  Nurses KNOW about those things. Often the patient cannot talk for themselves or the family will be in disagreement about what to do... I work ER and have had to deal with families fighting over what to do... Not fun.   EVERYONE needs to know what they want done in the event of becoming brain dead and on life support or have a totally incurable disease where 'heroics' will only prolong the agony.. one type of case is severe emphysema.. which is long, slow suffocation and when they are put on life support can end up on it for months or never get off.   Terminal cancer is another big problem....  just go visit a cancer hospital for the experience of a lifetime!!!  I am not saying not to do what is available at this point in time for treatment.  But I have had to do CPR on patients who are adults and look like they came from the concentration camp.   They are eaten with cancer or emphysema and we only prolong their agony if they survive the CPR.  There are times when modern medicine is not merciful.
3.  I am not talking about not doing CPR on someone who is out shopping or whatever and suddenly collapses with a heart attack or a stroke.    But when someone is very debilitated from a long term illness that has already ravaged their body, there needs to be a point at which enough is enough. 
4.  IF the individual makes the decision and tells their family, then the family won't end up in confusion about what to do.  My father is 85 and still goes to his WWII reunions.  Every yr there are fewer of them.  HE HAD MADE THE DECISION NOT TO HAVE CPR A LONG TIME AGO.  We all know what his wishes are--  Let nature take it's course.
5.  In the case of those who are not debilitated and have an accident, then all should be done....  But when one is dying of liver failure from alcoholism, there just isn't much left to resuscitate!! 
6.  Those who are determined to be brain dead but have a healthy body can still donate much needed organs.  Being declared brain dead is a bit complicated and is not done without family support.   But this goes back to the discussion of who wants to live in a persistent vegetative state.  A rough decision at best.  BUT when the individual has already made that decision for themselves, then the medical community and the family need to respect that.  MANY are being helped by organ donation.   BUT it is hard to talk to families during the first few hours of the death or declaration of brain dead when the patient  and family have NEVER even considered it. 
7.  Finally, be a mature adult and make those decisions BEFORE  you need to.  My sons know what my wishes are.  BUT one is in Germany and another in Okinawa.  So I really need to get one of those tatoos too!!
8.  Seems to me that the tatoo can be placed where the medics can find it and can be done with some artistry!!
JUST IMHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   ( and having worked ER over 20 yrs!!)  Mary Ann

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