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Re: Why different helmets for different sports?/ Ice skater injured

Subject: RC: Why different helmets for different sports? Ice skater injured.

I saw the skater on t.v. also.  The commentator mentioned that a new rule is
being discussed now, re skaters being required to  wear helmets during
practice.  Especially skaters that are performing jumps and/or lifts.  I
thought that this was rather interesting.   Makes sense to me.  I wear my
helmet every time I get on a horse (or mule or donkey or pony....)  I have
been knocked unconscious 5 times that I can remember, during my lifetime by
horse related accidents.  Once was during broomstick polo when an opponent
clobbered me in the head.  It still counts as a head injury tho.  I have
been extremely lucky not to have been seriously injured and am thankful for
it.   gesa n clovis n skye (EH in training)

>(Totally avoiding the whether or not to wear them thread, I promise...)
>I was watching the U.S. National Figure Skating Championships this past
>weekend on tv, and they interviewed a young male pairs skater who had had a
>serious head injury earlier in the season, with terrible medical
> He was now just barely able to skate at all, and was shown going slowly
>around the ice wearing a helmet that covered quite low on his head, almost
>the neck, it looked like.  It made me wonder, why are helmets for different
>sports different shapes?  Bike helmets are tiny, it seems like, barely sit
>top of the head.  Riding helmets are middle of the road (head?), and
>cycle/snowmobile helmets seem to encompass most of the head.  Is there a
>reason for a difference in the designs, based on how far or how fast you'll
>fall off? Projected trajectory or something?  Just wondering....
>Terri Radandt
>(who makes her 5 year old wear his riding helmet no matter what type of
>"creature" he's riding!)(and I wear mine, too, don't flame me!)
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