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Re: RC: Convention Advice

In a message dated 02/14/2000 12:58:57 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< Read the advice on how to behave in a BOD meeting at the national
 convention.  What other advice for a first time attendee?  What to look for?
 Dress for sessions or awards banquet?  >>

As for dress at the convention .... anything goes during the days, mostly 
quite casual, i.e. slacks, jeans.  For the banquet, I've SEEN everything, but 
I personally think it's nice to dress up a little ... a nice dress (not 
necessarily formal but could be) for the ladies, slacks, dress shirt, blazer 
(tie optional) for men.  But you will see everything from jeans to western 
wear to costumes (!)  There's certainly no rule nor judgement.  I like to 
dress up a little because I have very few opportunities in my lifestyle, and 
I LOVE pretty clothes.


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