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Why different helmets for different sports?

(Totally avoiding the whether or not to wear them thread, I promise...)
I was watching the U.S. National Figure Skating Championships this past
weekend on tv, and they interviewed a young male pairs skater who had had a
serious head injury earlier in the season, with terrible medical consequences.
 He was now just barely able to skate at all, and was shown going slowly
around the ice wearing a helmet that covered quite low on his head, almost to
the neck, it looked like.  It made me wonder, why are helmets for different
sports different shapes?  Bike helmets are tiny, it seems like, barely sit on
top of the head.  Riding helmets are middle of the road (head?), and
cycle/snowmobile helmets seem to encompass most of the head.  Is there a
reason for a difference in the designs, based on how far or how fast you'll
fall off? Projected trajectory or something?  Just wondering....
Terri Radandt
(who makes her 5 year old wear his riding helmet no matter what type of
"creature" he's riding!)(and I wear mine, too, don't flame me!)

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