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Wintec 2000 AP

Some thoughts on this would be nice if anyone could find the time.  I
have recently purchased a Wintec 2000 AP.  I have previously been used to
Western saddles so the English type is a little alien to me.  However, I
do love the feel of this saddle and do want to keep riding in the Wintec
2000.  However, I just really think that perhaps it is not sitting right
on her back.  This saddle is the kind that has the bar extension that can
be done if you need a wider tree.  Although, she does not seem to be the
"no withers" type to me (although I must admit I have trouble judging
this), the saddle just does not look right on her back.  I can put my
hand all the way through the saddle down her back and then the back of it
does not sit directly on her back, is up just a tad.  The front of the
saddle looks higher than the back and just looks odd.  This horse is by
no way overweight, she is a perfect weight and well conditioned.  She is
an average 15 hand Arab.  Does this sound like I possibly need to get
that bar extended to make this a wide tree?  It appears to me that if I
did, that front would come down more snugly on her withers instead of
having that "perched" look.  The place where I got the saddle is about 60
miles from here and I would just take the horse and the saddle back over,
however, I am grounded because of a bent axil being fixed on my trailer. 
However, my husband does work fairly close to this place and he could
just take the saddle there to have this extension put in but I want to
make sure I am doing the right thing.  Ideas before I do that would be
much appreciated.  Terri O.  

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