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Re: dressage riders

 OK, this isn't fair! <VBG>  Yes, (gasp), I ride dressage also. However. I
don't think I'll ever fit anyone's profile of a dressage queen!. Dressage is
complete horsemanship and equine gymnastics. And I think the freestyles set
to music remind me figure skaters or ballet. It is truly beautiful to watch,
especially the higher levels where the airs above ground are done. It has
also been very very good for both me and my horses, teaching balance, being
able to bend, and even muscle development. We are better in CTR because of
it, and hopefully, will be in Endurnace when I get my new prospect more

The history behind the advanced school for dressage movement was that it was
for war horses (the baroque breeds excell). These moves allowed riders to
dodge swords and men trying to unseat them or kill them, which isn't very
boring either.

I do my own thing, but the people I hang out with are pretty colorful, most
dressage queens would never be seen with us! (VBG) And of course, I don't
have a TB or warmblood, just my Morgans and one stray Arab. Another killer!
At least to them! But it is a neat sport, and I like as my second sport
after CTR/Endurnance. It is beneficial to any discipline or seat, even
reining. And it can be very demanding.

Helga Loncosky
Archival Morgan Record
Beacon Morgan Horses, Ltd.
No heaven can heaven be, if my horse isn't there to welcome me.
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Most don't do endurance because it is much more demanding, many more hours
in the saddle, a different mentation, and lack of social interaction.  And
yes,  many are genuine snobs, but that is found anywhere.  I once heard
dressage compared to being as exciting as watching grass grow.  Mary Ann

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