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Long recovery -- thank you

Thank you to everyone for the quick responses on my mare's long recovery time 
on from the colic episode.  The vet finally called me back and stated that 
there was really nothing she could do -- the horse would get better or she 
wouldn't.  So, I found another vet who is coming out first thing tomorrow 
morning.  She said we would start with a general exam, than a rectal exam and 
some blood work and then go from there.  Whew.  

I had used this vet in the past and liked her, but had not used this vet 
originally for this problem because there was a message on her machine saying 
she did not even check messages on Sundays.  She told me today that's only on 
the machine to get rid of the riff-raff who are not regular patients.  Whew 
again.  I can use her for future emergencies just by leaving a message.

Thank you again to everyone who responded for your advice and just moral 


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