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Help! Anyone with a horse for Death Valley Encounter!

Alisa A. Waxman 
Hello Ridecampers!

I need to see if one of you can help me out.  

My dilemma is that I was planning to do the Death Valley Encounter Ride at year end with my friends from Montana (& they were to bring me a horse); however, they had an accident last weekend coming home from Silver State (everyone was all right) and now they will not be able to make it to DVE.  So, I have a ticket to LA, I've sent in my entry fee, and now I have no horse to ride!  

If you or someone you know is going to DVE and has an extra
horse I could ride, please let me know (phone and E-mail listed below).  

I am an experienced rider, having done many multi-days and thousands of miles since I started competing in 1996.  I have done DVE, Renegade and other multi-day rides in NM, several XP rides, Rocky Mountain Ride, etc.  I ride as a lightweight (165 lbs. with tack) and will ride to the owner's specifications.  I would be happy to share more information and references privately.   

[Further, if it helps, if the person with a horse is looking for someone to ride/campaign it for the season, I may be able to come back out/meet them multiple times during the year.]  

Let me know if you have any ideas!  I am really looking forward to riding and seeing my friends out west.  

[For those of you who have been on Ridecamp for a while, I was the crazy woman who drove across the country in the middle of December to do this ride in 1998.  Sorry I've been out of touch - I have not kept up with Ridecamp for the last 8 months.]  

Thanks for your assistance,

Alisa Waxman
Chicago, IL 
W (312) 557-1273
H (708) 946-2413

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