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Re: RC: questions on slow recovery (long)

In a message dated 12/1/00 9:59:34 AM Pacific Standard Time, 

<<  Also, should I go ahead and wean the 
 baby?  Will that make Mom feel better or worse?  >>
I would think the mare doesn't need any more stress at this time.  Her bag 
will fill and make her uncomfortable along with having your current problems. 
 Worrying about the foal is not a good thing at this time.  I would hydrate 
your pelleted food (make it mushy!) and wet down any other hay.  Stay off 
grains and other supplements for a while.  Roughage (hydrated) is the best 
and if she is dehydrated she might need IV fluids.  So wet things down for 
the moment and maybe call your vet out to add some IV fluids, just to help 
her out.  With cold weather, nursing and pelleted food this is asking for 

Tammy Robinson
Trail-Rite Ranch & Products

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