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Re: XP rides

OK...I finally have to ask. Where does the name "THE DUCK" come
from?????????????????? Does he quack??

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> In a message dated 11/30/2000 12:12:33 PM Pacific Standard Time,
> writes:
> << Does anyone know the dates of the spring XP ride?  I need to put in for
> that
>  time now.
>   >>
> Darn! I just had the sanctioning application forms in my hands two days
> but since I am no longer the sanctioning director for multi-day rides, I
> them on the Susan Kasemeyer in TN for sanction approval.  Sometime in June
> (Ft. Schellbourne rides). I remember thinking it odd that The Duck was
> putting on these rides when he is also putting on the 2001 XP rides. So
> are the dates for the 2001 XP rides? Two months' worth I know, but when do
> they start?
> Barbara
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