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RE: slaughter houses

I fully agree!  It's all well and good to say that there wouldn't be so many
unwanted horses going to slaughter if horse owners and breeders were more on
the ball, but nothing so far has helped the "pet" dog and cat population.  I
already get unwanted dogs and cats dumped on my place all the time because
folk decide to pass their problems off on to others.  Thankfully this can't
be done with horses, my feed bill is already higher than my grocery bill.  I
once loaded a batch of puppies that appeared under my house up in the truck,
hauled them to the vet and had then put to sleep.  No one around me needed
another puppy and I couldn't feed anymore.  If I could have shot straight, I
would have used the .45 and buried the lot in a field as it would have been
cheaper.  I can't dig a whole big enough for a horse.

I, as does Maria, live near Dallas Crown plant, one of the last places that
slaughters horses.  I've seen the facility up close and personal.  The plant
kills on Thursdays.  Horses start arriving on Monday and are gone by the
weekend.  The vast majority of the horses are not starved nor crippled as
it's not in the plants interest to buy horses with more bone than meat.
They pay around 400 a head.  I'll take a leap here and say that since the
previous owners of these unfortunate horses let them go for so little, they
either needed money badly (feeding humans will have to come before feeding
horses), the horses are dangerous (better a dead horse than a dead human),
chronically ill or lame (better dead than suffering), or just plain
unwanted.  An unwanted horse could just as easily die of neglect in the
owners pasture if there wasn't an outlet for these animals.

My horses are my friends, but they are still horses, still animals.  My cows
were also my friends.  And while it may seem to some to be the ultimate in
snobbery, myself, being human and omnivorous, am higher on the food chain.
People eat horses.  People also eat many other animals.  These other animals
are killed for our culinary pleasure in much the same way horses are.
Personally, if someone wants to eat a horse that no one else wants, more
power to them.  Too many liberal whinny bedwetters around worrying entirely
to much about things that needn't concern them.  Anyone who has ever eaten a
chicken leg, hamburger, or pork chop and then whines about slaughtering
horses is simply a hypocrite.

"Read everyday something no one else is reading. Think every day
something no one else is thinking. It is bad for the mind to be always
part of unanimity."
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Here in Texas they are trying to get horses to be "pets" instead of
livestock. But how many "pets" a year are put to sleep at the Humane Society
or SPCA? I rather have the horses slaughtered here then shipped in a truck
and hauled to Canada. And if they stop slaughtering the thousands of horses
year, where are all these horses going to go? WHo is going to feed and take
care of them? Though I am not a fan of the slaughter houses I am not sure
what a better alternative would be.


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