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Offline for a week

Hi All,  Beginning Monday Dec 4, 2000, I will be offline for email.  As some of you know last April I got the KAK worm virus from one of the "horsey" list serves I am on.  Although I sucessfully got "rid" of it, and won't infect anyone else, some residual codes have been thoroughly making my computer goofy.  I can't add or delete any programs, can't print, can't import/export, save or delete documents, to name a few problems.  Only the games and email program are still working.  So I am sending my computer in to be "cured" and having my hard drive erased.  I will lose EVERYTHING as they suggested not saving any floppies cause they don't know where the damn virus codes are residing.  So I have hand copied all my email addys & websites so I can add them when I get my computer back.  I will be offline for a week or so.  But you can still send emails as they will be stored by my isp account.  I just won't respond for a week or so.  Thanks for your understanding at this frustrating time.
Lindak  & AAce  (whose barb wire ouchies & owwies are improving)

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