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Re: fair weather riding

This past Sunday it was raining off and on all day and about 65 to 70 deg.
OK we are in Florida, but I am cold at 75. Anyway after breakfast I loaded
up the trailer and came in the house and asked my husband if he was ready to
go. He is out of town most weekends and he is aware that I ride all the time

He said "Honey it's cold and wet outside". I quickly told him he needed to
be aware how his mare would behave in this situation. Sometimes the sun does
not shine on race day. We did 20 miles in the rain..... All during the ride
he asked, "is she always this jumpy". I said "no only when the sun is not
shining". And the cold makes them real frisky.....

When we got home I made the horses a warm mash and massage. We had a soak in
the hot tub..... All was well, and I think he learned allot!!!!!!


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