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Re: RC: RE: What Goes On at the Horse Auctions

In a message dated 11/28/00 2:15:08 PM Central Standard Time, writes:

<< The auctions provide a much needed service >>
Bob and all
here in East Texas we have a horse auction once a month and we attend when we 
can and we have never seen anything like what was described in that post
we are lucky I guess
you are correct in saying that it is not the auction it is the breeders 
and/or owners that are responsible
and yes there are a few that do go to the slaughter house but that is not the 
choice of the auction that is the choice of the owner who is selling
everyone that attends the auction knows who the buyer for the slaughter house 
is and the seller can refuse to sell     plain and simple
There are stupid people out there who do not know how to take care of a horse 
(or most any other type of animal for that matter) and as long as there 
people out there like that this is going to happen
maybe it comes down to the fact pointing to the breeder of horses who sell to 
people who do not know what they are doing 
Flame on

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