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Beet Pulp Again

About 8-9 months ago I switch my older retired horses (17 yo roping horse & 19 yo broodmare due in April) off of the 14% pellets the rest of the herd eats and on to mashes.  The mashes consist of 4 lbs. beet pulp, 3 lbs.. wheat bran, 1 lb.. chopped alfalfa and 2 1/2 gallons of hot water divided into two feedings along with free choice grass hay and free choice salt blocks.
I've never really had any bad feet in my herd, and I've had the same farrier for more than 10 years now, but recently the farrier asked me what I was feeding the old pair as their feet seemed really improved and when I told him, he said "It must be the beet pulp" and now is recommending feeding it to every one of his clients with hoof texture/growth problems.  Not that I mind this, but I've looked at the nutrient content of the beet pulp and I don't  see anything to justify this.  I think the hoof texture comes from soft mashes easily digested by old bodies.
Just my curiosity and all, and I'm sure at $8 a bag the feed store is happy selling lots of beet pulp, but I'd appreciate any thoughts.

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