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Sleezy hoods

Hi RC! In answer to the question about the horse with the sweaty neck, and using a hood..I suppose it would depend on where you live and the shelter you have for your horse. Here in southern California, the coldest it has ever gotten down to that I know of in my area is 30 degrees, of course colder in the mountains. There are many people here that completely shave their horses (mostly show folk), and I have shaved as late as mid November. My horses are in pipe corral/turnouts, and we get some serious wind at times. I worry more when it is rainy and windy, but we don't often get both-it's usually one or the other. The sleezy's are nice to keep from getting skin rubs. The only thing is, if you decide to shave, Its a big commitment! Bigger than Marraige! Well not really,  but it's an ethical thing. You gotta make sure that horse is blanketed appropriately until the weather improves. And that may mean when you are nursing a hangover on New Years Day, and watching the Rose Parade ("Hey those are my mountains!"), it may be 70 out, and you got to take it off, it's too hot, even though it was 30 the night before, and it will be again tonight.  If you ride a lot and put away a sweaty chilly horse, that doesn't have "loft " to their natural fur because of sweat, it might be less trouble to go ahead and shave. I am not presuming to speak for any of you Colorado/Montana folks  Beth

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