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hood only for winter riding

Teresa Van Hove
Hi guys,

Hope everyones thanksgiving was as nice as mine.  Rode 3 times
and ponied my 3 yr old once.  The only problem is I kept ending up with 
a somewhat wet horse even though I was keeping the pace pretty easy, just
walking and trotting and trying not to trot too long.  I noticed
that Grey was mainly sweating up his neck, which go me wondering
how it would work to clip just neck/shoulders and use a hood or
one of those "sleazy" sp? things that are supposed to protect from
blanket rubs.  They cover from the head to the shoulders with a 
girth strap/band.  Anyone tried this or have a source for warmer
ones rather than lycra or possibly a pattern to make them


Teresa and the wooly grey horse.  

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