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Endurance Trails Help needed in Texas

Gail Zeck 
I was hoping those of you on Ridecamp could help me with a very important issue regarding
 trails in the Sam Houston National Forest,  site of the Texas Shootout Endurance Ride,
north of Houston TX.  I am trying to reach as many equestrians as possible.

              At the end of November,  Chip Ernst, U.S. Forest Service, will be sending
              out a scoping letter to interested parties detailing a plan on opening up
              30-50 miles of trails for non-motorized use in the Saim Houston National
              Forest out of Coldspring, north of Houston, Texas.  He is hoping to be able
              to develop permanent horse trails in the forest, much like those currently
              utilized in the LBJ Grasslands in Decatur, Texas.

              We would like as many equestrians as possible to receive this letter because
              Mr. Ernst will be asking for a response as to what you would like to see or
              be done in this quadrant of the forest.  He wants to hear that you will
              support the proposal to develop non-motorized trails and what your real
              interest in the forest would be, especially with horses.

              Right now we would like your name and address to be given to the Forest
              Service so this scoping letter can be addressed to you personally and you
              can respond to it personally.  We need individuals to respond, we need
              groups and organizations to respond, and we need children and families to

               When responding to the scoping letter, Mr. Ernst would like to know what
              you would like to see in the forest with regards to:  camping, marking of
              trails, toilets, campsites, water, horse pens, picket lines, etc....just to
              name a few.

              We need names and addresses to be sent to Mr. Ernst before the end of
              November so you may receive this scoping letter.  For more information
              regarding this matter, please contact:  Terri Quinn, 300 Hickman Creek
              Drive, Cleveland, TX 77327  281-432-1990, email:
              or you can write or call Chip Ernst at U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, U.S.
              Forest Service, 394 FM 1375 West, New Waverly, TX 77358  phone 936-344-6205
              ext. 244 and ask himn to put your name on the list to receive the scoping
              letter for the Sam Houston National Forest-Coldspring, Texas.

              We are fortunate to know Chip Ernst and be able to work with him to develop
              equestrian trails and facilities at the Sam Houston Forest.   In fact, he
              has a vision of opening at least a hundred miles of trails within the next
              10 years. We hope you will help us in this quest to preserve some of the
              most beautiful trails in Texas.

              Thank you for your participation.

              Happy trails,
              Sam Houston Forest Equestrian Association

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