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Re: dss

Very bold statements from someone who is afraid to sign their name or leave
a 'reply to' email address.

Donna has 'been around' for a very long time and the endurance community is
very lucky to have her.
She is a professional writer and does sell to 'real' magazines. (as well as
her book)

(I've never responded to a 'troll' before, ...going to wash my hands now)

Becky Huffman
Huffman's Arabians ~ The Original Series ~

"Real joy comes not from ease or riches or from the praise of men, but from
doing something worthwhile."
   --Sir Wilfred Grenfell (1865--1940)

----- Original Message -----
From: <>To: <>Sent: Sunday,
November 26, 2000 8:15 PMSubject: RC: dss> guest equi2000> I agree totally
with Randy. Most of the membership reap the> benefits of all the behind the
scenes volunteers, and we> conveniently look the other way rather than do
any of the> work ourselves. DSS has probably gained a lot of her customer>
base due to endurance riding, not the other way around. If she> feels she
can't donate any of her time now that she's so> popular, we won't miss her.
What if all the volunteers (board> members, committee members etc) demanded
remuneration (be it> freebies or cash).  AERC would close down fast.  Get
real. EN is > not Horse & Rider or Practical Horseman.  It's our club >
newsletter. It just happens to be a very nice one, but it's > still a club
publication. Let her submit to the 'real'> magazines and get paid and see
how long she lasts. I bet without> her endurance xposure, she drops out of
sight fast.> >

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